Meet Nicole-I'm a 25 year living in NYC and working on earning my PhD in Neuroendocrinology (the study of hormones in the brain).  All the while I try to balance a healthy lifestyle and have fun!  I'm originally from Philadelphia and moved to New York to attend NYU.  After living in New York for 6 years, I would still like to say I'm a Philly girl, I mean Phillies over the Yankees any day!

Other little things about me-Arctic Monkeys are my favorite band.  I discovered them while studying abroad in London '06.  I want to move back to London at some point and call it home.  I love to travel. I love to keep active-running, spinning, dancing, pilates, etc.  I probably eat too much peanut butter and granola, but who can blame me.  I'm a pescatarian.  I want a dog. My favorite color is purple.  I listen to music while in the lab to get me moving and keep me working.  Music makes me happy.  I love NYC most of the time.  Apparently I have a Philly accent.   

Favorite City Memories (both involve rain):
-First, running home from the Philharmonic concert in Central Park (25 blocks) after a sudden down pour.  I was drenched, my dress was completely stuck against me, but I never had more fun  running through puddles.
-Second, rainy muddy mess at All Points West.  

Hey everyone! I'm Sarah! I live in a suburb of Philly and I am a substitute teacher looking for a full-time teaching job. I eventually want to be a reading specialist. I love reading, movies, and COOKING! I bake when I'm bored, and cook homemade dinners at least 4 nights a week. I love Rachael Ray cookbooks, and I love to try making new things all the time. I eat pretty much anything. I'm not a vegetarian and I enjoy pretty much any ethnic food, especially Indian and Thai.

I was born in Santa Monica, CA and have also lived in Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. My dad just kept finding new job opportunities, so we moved a lot when I was a kid, but have been living in PA for about 13 years now. I also lived in Plymouth, England for 2 months while students teaching there. Does that count?

I have loved John Mayer for forever. I just think he is amazing, and I've been to 2 of his concerts. I love all different kinds of music, though. Some of my other faves include Jason Mraz, Vampire Weekend, lots of classic rock like the Beatles, and so many more. The first concert I went to was in 5th grade, and it was Pat Benatar, REO Speedwagon, and Peter Frampton I think. I've also had to put up with going to see Donny Osmond (twice!), a heartthrob from the 70's who my mom loved. I also went to the All Points West music fest with Nicole, and the musicians were fantastic, but the weather was nasty.

What else... I collect sea glass, although I've only ever found it on one beach. I also collect Disney pins, of which I have over 200. Disney World is one of my favorite places to go. I've gone camping all my life, first in tents, then in an old RV, then 2 different trailers with pop out ends, and finally, an Airstream. I love camping and plan to own my own little camping trailer someday. I guess that's about it!