Friday, August 7, 2009

All Points West Day 1

Day 1 of All Points West and we arrive in style thanks to Toyota Prius shuttle, Anna took the front seat, Sarah and I are in the back.

The drop off point.

Liberty State park was absolutely beautiful with great views of lower Manhattan, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty.

Doors opened late=long lines to get through security

At last inside to hear the end of Heartless Bastards, pictured Erika Wennerstorm singer, guitarist and principle songwriter of the trio.
Bassist, Mike Lamping

A bit of scenery

Distinct member of the band Shearwater-Thor

Vocalist Jonathon Meiburg
And the ominous clouds approach during the Fleet Foxes' performance, which apart from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs was my favorite of the day.

Oh Karen O, how you continue to please the crowd.

The rain stopped in time to see the beautiful sunset.
We think it's muddy in the front, we were in for a surprise leaving the park...

After already being 15 minutes late, Jay-Z puts up a 10 minute clock and along with it came tremendous boo's from the crowd, all annoyance was quickly put aside once the 10 second countdown began!

And he did put on an amazing, although over the top, performance.

Walk back to the light rail in real mud/horse wasn't so bad once you forgot what you were stepping in :-)

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