Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wine Party

Last October Amanda suggested that the females of our graduate program and year have a monthly wine party in order to improve our wine pairing abilities and try some of the varieties of wines available. Some themes have worked better than others. I think two of the most successful themes involved chocolate pairings and cheese pairings. In the end, whether the wine is bitter, berrylike, full, meaty, or chewy (I don't think I've had a chewy wine but it describes a high total tannic component of a wine); we enjoy the opportunity to try new things and see each other. As we continue into the program and beocme consumed with experiments, it's nice to know that at least once a month everyone makes an effort ot attend.

This month's theme was sangria, and last night could not have been a better night to sip on the fruity drink. While still hot and humid, the sun was setting, and while enjoying my drink I don't even think I realized that the day had been another scorcher.

We had 5 blends to sample from, including two red wine based, a rose, a white, and a strawberry. Pictured here is the rose to the left which included strawberries, orange slices, and brandy. To the right is Amanda's white which included sliced peaches:

Below, my glass as I sampled the rose sangria:

My sangria which included red wine, 1/4 c of rum, apple, orange, and lemon slices, and seltzer water because it was very strong without:

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Have a great day!

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