Thursday, August 13, 2009

Central Park Summerstage: Juliette Lewis, Cat Power, and The Pretenders

My first post! Just a quick intro - I'm the other author of soundZtastee. I've been slacking in my posting, but I'm finally here! Now on to the post!
I've been volunteering at Summerstage in NYC's Central Park this summer in an attempt to see as many free shows as possible this summer. Of the many things that amaze
me about NYC is the incredible amount of free co
ncerts that take place during the summer throughout the city. This summer I got to see Josh Ritter, Matisyahu, and M. Ward, to name a few. I'll have another Summerstage post this weekend...The Walkmen and Dinosaur Jr., but I don't want to get ahead of myself. I was lucky enough to work at the Summerstage show from August 10th, which was Juliette Lewis, Cat Power, and The Pretenders. This show was a benefit concert, and had a door ticket price of $65!

Much to my surprise, The Pretenders asked that no meat product be sold at that night's concert! People were able to try sample of a new vegan burger, though, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try one. It was somewhat comical watching people as they tasted it -- I'm always amazed at how afraid some people are of plant-based food. A vegan, myself, I was quite happy that all of the food was vegetarian for the night, and I enjoyed a roasted portabello mushroom sandwich.

The night's music started with Juliette Lewis, an actress turned singer. I wasn't impressed and neither were the people around me. One guy described them as "a good bar band." And to fill in the blank, bar bands are really only enjoyed when drunk. Anyways, what Juliette lacked in talent she made up for in her sparkly, superhero-inspired get-up.

Cat Power came on next, and although, I like listening to their music, it just didn't pan out live. I think they're probably best suited to small, intimate venues so I'd give them another chance.

The headliner, The Pretenders, came on after the sun had set, giving the stage an "indoor" feel.  Chrissie Hyde proved to be a true rock-and-roller and got the crowd up off their feet, dancing and singing along.  I was working in the bleachers (which is why these pictures were taken so far from the action), and I couldn't help but wonder if the bleachers might give out under the weight of so many people rocking out to the music.  

Overall, I'm glad I got musical "schooling" that a group of fans told me I needed.  The Pretenders were good -- $65 good? -- not for me, but for their diehard fans, it seemed to be.

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