Friday, August 7, 2009

Going Backwards

Morning! Waking up to a cloudless sky and upper 60s is the perfect way to start the day. Not to mention that it's Friday and I only had a two day work week:)

Tonight it's Grace Potter and the Nocturnals/Deer Tick/Jones Street Station at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I'm going to Philly in the morning for a family BBQ but will hopefully be able to post soon after.

For now here are a few pictures from Siren Music Festival, going back a couple of weekends to July 18th.

I love the artwork of the stage, the modern take on seductive and beautiful Sirens.We arrived in time to see the last few songs of Blue Van and the entire performance of Bear Hands.

The weather was perfect that day, too bad I'm not a fan of the beach at Coney Island, it would have provided a nice relief from the heat. A couple of my more adventurous friends did submerge themselves as I watched from the boardwalk.

Returning to the main stage it's always nice to hear the screams of everyone enjoying themselves on the Cyclone.
Next up the Scottish 4 some who hit the stage shortly after the Japandroids. While I only heard the last few songs of the latter, having come from Bear Hands, I was impressed with their take on garage rock.

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