Monday, August 10, 2009

APW Day 3

Day 3=late start

We headed out a bit later on this day since the 1st acts did not go on until after 1. Thankfully we did because it was raining pretty heavy when we left and they didn't open the gates until 4 pm!

This also meant that bands didn't begin until 5pm, and they left the schedule as printed so the evening began with Silversun Pickups...The Gasslight Anthem fans were pretty annoyed (they were suppose to go on at 3:45). I wasn't too upset since the first band I was interested in was Silversun. However, the rain delay somehow caused Akron/Family to go on late, I guess, because when I moved to the Bullet stage at 5:50 to see We Are Scientist, Akron/Family were still playing. To keep on schedule We Are Scientist only ended up playing for 30ish minutes. I love this band and given their lack of performances this last year, I was super excited and was left somewhat dissatisfied(due to their shortened time not them...still love them).

Muddy mess on Day 3

Silversun PickupsAkon/Family
Ok, I love this giraffe. I first saw it at the Cool Kids performances on Day 2, this guy kept sticking up the giaint cutout so it would appear on the side screens. The gimmick worked because the Cool Kids mentioned it during their performance and it turns out the guy is from Ohio and sells t-shirts featuring the Ferious giraffe. Only thing is now I want a t-shirt but don't know where to get one!
We Are Scientist


Black Keys drummer playing into the night
MGMT performance, not the perfect picture but I think it was appropriate for the atmosphere

After MGMT I ran over to the main stage to meet up with Anna and Sarah and to see Coldplay's finale and encore

All in all what a great weekend! Heard some amazing music, had a great time dancing (even when in the rain), and met some fun people. Fingers crossed that there will be an APW3!

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