Sunday, August 9, 2009

APW Day 2

Day 2 was absolutely beautiful, without a cloud in the sky.

That's me in the middle with Anna to my left and Sarah to my right.The day kicked off with White Rabbits, love their energy on stage!

Band members : Alexander Even, guitar, vocals; Brian Betancourt, bass; Matthew Clark, drums; additional percussion; Jamie Levinson, drums; Gregory Roberts, vocals, guitar; Stephen Patterson, vocals, piano

Next up Cage the Elephant. I didn't know exactly what to expect from this Kentucky born band. Their single "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" has been popular in the UK but only beginning to get airplay in the states. They also had an appearance on Letterman, July 30th, 2 days before their APW gig.

From the moment Matt Schultz, vocals, took the stage something didn't seem quite right. But a few songs into the set, after the mic was properly turned on and he was given a longer cord so he could travel across the stage, his crazy antics seemed appropriate with the music. And I must admit, after listening to "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" a few times it is growing on me.

The band will also be touring with the Silversun pickups throughout August and September.

Brothers Matt (vocals) and Brad Schultz (guitar), do you see the resemblance? Also, who would think that these were church going boys growing up? I guess they are from the south.

Jared Champion on drums there in the back. Other members Daniel Tichenor, bass and Lincoln Parish, guitar.
Into the crowd, I love how you can also see him in the screen in the back!

Brad needed his turn as well.
The Cool Kids
Arctic Monkeys! I made it to the front to see the boys from Sheffield, UK. Which meant pushing through some much determined Tool fans who had been claiming their spots for 5 hours. There was a while there I thought I would have to settle with being a few people back and was going to make a deal with them, given that they were there for Tool not the Arctic Monkeys. But as the band went on stage and people behind me began moshing, I found my in.

Jamie Cook

Alex Turner, vocals and guitar. I'm lovin' his new long hair, I mean how many girls would die for hair like that! Nicke O'Malley on Bass. Matt Helders, drums.

They played favorites from their first 2 albumls, including "I Bet You Look Good from the Dance Floor," "Brainstorm," "Flourscent Adolescent," "Do Me a Favour," "D Is For Dangerous." They also showcased quite a bit from their new LP, Humbug which is definitley a change a pace from the boys, and while a bit darker, I am enjoying all songs including the first released single "Crying Lightning."

I stayed at the Main Stage for Gogol Bordello and then to Queen of the Valley to see the ending of Chairlift. I first heard the band's song "Bruises" in the commerical for the 4th generation iPod Nano. I then walked into the Peter Bjorn and John concert and heard the song. At first I thought the DJ was playing music in between sets but quickly realized that it was this Broolyn based band.

I was also hoping to catch a bit of the Honey Brothers, but I did see them back in February was it, and Gogol Bordello provides such a fun atmosphere.

Unfortuneatley, my camera died soon after Chairlift left the stage, but I stayed at this stage for the remainder of the night to see Tokyo Police Club, Crystal Castles, and the Ting Tings. The night was such a dance party with Crystal Castles (which might become my new obesstion) and the Ting Tings, I would love to relive this night...yep starting at 5 when the Arctic Monkeys came on stage.

Upcoming shows The Pretenders and Catpower, TV on the Radio? (not sure how much we'll see of this show, you'll see what I mean by this later in the week ;-), Yeasayer, plus...)

And of course Day 3 of APW!

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