Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre-Valentine's Date

Hey all~

The weekends just fly by don't they, don't know where the day has gone! For some reason I think because it's a Saturday the time will be endless. You know, somehow I'll be able to sleep until 9am, have a leisurely morning, go into lab for a few hours, squeeze in a workout and meet up with a friend for hot chocolate and dinner. Well, I did get it all in but up until dinner I was constantly aware of the time and somewhat rushing to get it all done, I hate that!

All the same, to the eats!

My friend and I decided to have a valentine dinner date, and in order to avoid crowded restaurants and overly priced food we opted on a pre-valentines dinner. We began at the The City Bakery for their Hot Chocolate Festival. This stuff is thick but absolutely heaven so we split a cup. Today's flavor was Milk Chocolate, not particularly unique, but delish all the same!
Afterwards we headed to Qi Asian Eatery. I had read several good reviews on the place raving about their vegetarian/vegan options so I decided to try it out. The prices were very reasonable and the food was so the place was decked out! I mean this figure was in the bathroom:
For dinner I ordered the Lemongrass Tom Yum soup with tofu:
Then this huge boy came out!
I ended up eating a little more than half. It actually was quite reasonable once I realized it was basically a salad inside-fresh spinach, asparagus, and avocado.
My friend had the spicy thai basal with a side of heart shaped rice:
More bathroom decorations:

Happy Valentine's Day,


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