Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sweet Treats

Another NYC food post! Last weekend, Nicole, I, and two of our friends made a special trip to Babycakes, an all vegan bakery that specializes in gluten-free and refined sugar-free baked goods. Word has been spreading around the blogosphere that Babycakes just started selling donuts -- delicious donuts! So we figured a trip was in order, and we got there by noon to be sure there'd still be some donuts left.

The donuts were pretty small, so I'm not too sure they're worth the $2.95 - $3.50 that they cost. But our friend that ordered one was happy with her choice, and that's all that matters.

I've been to Babycakes many times already because, well, the novelty of a vegan bakery never really wears off. I think their goods are hit-or-miss -- I wasn't impressed by their cupcakes, frosting (I've tried the frosting shots), but I their crumbcakes and brownies have always been perfect. Though I've tried a bunch of things, there was really only one thing that I had wanted (and had never been up early enough for): a skinnybun! Skinnybuns are the Babycakes version of a cinnamon roll, something I used to love as a kid and haven't had since going vegan. Nicole and I each ordered a skinnybun and weren't disappointed. These were wonderful! They were made with spelt flour and had an interesting cinnamon filling with a few raisins and a drizzling of glaze. My best guess at the cinnamon filling is that they used a date/cinnamon paste, but I might be totally wrong...just throwing that out there.

Our other friend ordered a slice of the cinnamon crumbcake, which as I said before, has yet to disappoint me.

Since Babycakes has an incredibly small storefront that always seems to be packed with people, we chose to enjoy our treats on the sidewalk in front of the shop. While it was fun to eat outside, the sun started to get pretty intense, and after awhile, we were all ready for something cold to drink. Being that I have an obsession with kombucha, that was what I suggested we buy, so we made a trek to a little grocery on St. Marks Place where the kombucha is cheap and fresh. Kombucha is a fermented tea that contains probiotics and lots of B vitamins. GT's Synergy is my favorite commercial brand thus far because it usually still contains a very active culture and, therefore, is very effervescent. GT's comes in many different flavors, my favorite being the strawberry. I think there's something about the strawberry juice that the probiotic cultures like because they always seem to grow the best in the strawberry.

So what are the "effects" of kombucha? Well, it can vary, but it tends to have a calming effect, relaxing the major muscles and clearing the mind. It's particularly satisfying right after a workout or after a long, busy day. If it wasn't $3+ a bottle in NYC, I'd definitely be buying it more often!


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