Friday, September 11, 2009

Tennis Lovin'

Like Amanda, I definitely use the week after Labor Day as a time to reflect. I hope to keep up with this blog and be able to look back after a year and see how far I have come.  

 On Tuesday I was able to wake right up at 6, have a light breakfast, do about 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of pilates.  I decided to keep it relatively a light pace because I’m getting a cold L It’s strange, I think it was on Friday that I said to myself, how I had gone a while without getting a cold, and then boom out of no where I wake up with a scratchy throat on Sunday.    In any case, I felt the best I did all day right after my morning workout; and loved getting such a fabulous start to my second year of graduate school!

 I’m dedicating the rest of this post to the US Open.  I absolutely love tennis!  I played on my high school team but pretty much stopped once in undergrad, because the game recked havoc on my knee. I still love the sport though and get so excited to see such awesome tennis up close. 

Gael Monfils, just one of the many young frenchmen climbing in the rankings lately. Love this guy, he's so intense, slides all across the court, and is constantly talking to himself in Patois:


I first started attending the Open when I was in high school with my aunt.  At that time we were able to bring in sandwiches, fruit, and nuts  to snack on through the day; however, with increasing sucrity over the years I’m always worried if I will be able to bring in my purse let alone food.  The official website said food in small quantities were allowed so I ate a large breakfast, to hold me over, and brought an apple, nuts and dried fruit.  No photo, still getting used to this blogging thing.  


When I arrived I was surprised to see samples of Okios being handed out.  For more than a year now, I’ve been predominately eating plain yogurt,  since flavored yogurts have an obsured amount of added sugars.  However, I’ve wanted to try some of the varieties of Okios and this was the perfect opportunity.  After making it through security (my bag was officially too large, but I emptied out all the non essentials and made it through ok) and trying to find my aunt it was about 12:30 and I was feelin' the hunger.  I broke out the yogurt and added some of my nuts.  

This kept me pretty full through the Wilfred-Tsonga and Serena Williams tennis games.  Tsonga is another cute frenchman:

Afterwards my little cousin was crying hunger so we ventured to the food court area where she had her eye on pizza.  It took me a while to see past the burgers, waffle fries, pasta, carngie deli sandwiches, hot dogs, ben and jerry’s to find a crepe stand. I went for the vegetarian which consisted of mozzerella cheese, spinach, and mushrooms.   It was absolutely delicious but would have been just as tasty with slightly less cheese as well (again, by the time we found seats I forgot about snapping a photo).

In the end, the USTA could do better with there vegetarian/vegan options.  I'm pretty sure if I opted for no cheese my only food option of the day would have been a sad little fruit salad.  That said, they are much better than previous years.  With salads, fruit, even sushi, their menu is getting healthier, they now just need to accommodate for additional dietary choices.  

A few more photos of my day/night at the Open!


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