Monday, September 28, 2009

Missing the Music

Hey all, so this Blog is called Soundztastee...well where has the music gone? After listening to "Where the Wild Things Are" Soundtrack by Karen O and the Kids I was inspired to write a bit about it.
I first saw the preview for "Where the Wild Things Are" when I went to see Harry Potter, and while I did get warm feelings about this children's classic coming to the theatre I also fell in love with the first single "All is Love." I thought something sounded familiar with the beat and the female voice, when I found out Karen O was the artist behind the soundtrack I wasn't surprised. The third song off the album, "Capsize" is even more Yeah Yeah Yeah's like than "All is Love." For me that means I want to get up and dance around, kick my legs, throw my arms, maybe a more muted version than I would during the "Y-Control" chorus, but you get the idea.

Who exactly are the Kids? In some songs, they are clearly kids but according to Rolling Stone the other children rockers include her YYYs bandmates Brian Chase and Nick Zinner along with Tristan Bechet (Services), Bradford Cox (Deerhunter), Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs), Aaron Hemphill (Liars), Greg Kurstin (The Bird and the Bee), Jack Lawrence (The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, The Greenhornes), Oscar Michel (Gris Gris), and Imaad Wasif (New Folk Implosion, Alaska).

So overall what do I think of the soundtrack? Well I am a Karen O fan so maybe I'm a bit impartial, but I really do love it. I must admit she almost lost me with Track 4, "Worried Shoes." While I understand the need for slow songs particularly for this movie, maybe one of the Kids could have stepped up a bit and taken the lead. Karen O just did not do it justice.


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  1. I've been loving the music I've heard from Where the Wild Things Are so far. :) (I too am a big music lover). :)