Thursday, October 1, 2009


Happy October, can't believe another month has gone by (and bunny bunny)!!

I finally made it to the new Yankee Stadium this Tuesday thanks to my friend Crissy who won tickets. I'm not really a big baseball fan but was excited to check out the site and available eats. After a few innings, actually it might have been after 1, I was ready to wander and see my food options. I did my homework ahead of time and knew that apart from the traditional hot dog, popcorn, soft pretzel, and peanuts, I would also find:

- Johnny Rockets
-Brother Jimmy's BBQ
-Moe's Southwest Grill (burritos and nachos)
-Lobel's of New York, Deli which serves a rotating meat sandwich, Tuesday was roast beef I believe. The line for the place was wrapped around!
-Carl's Philly Cheesesteak
-Sushi and Noodle Bar
-Carvel's Ice Cream
-Garlic French Fries (they also cell regular fries and cheese fries)
-Farmer's Market (as Crissy pointed out I doubt it was organic, but at least they had decently priced produce!!)

After walking and looking at our options Crissy ordered a pulled pork sandwich from Brother Jimmy's and I opted for the garlic fries:

Crissy took this picture with her camera phone, I really didn't think there was so much ketchup on them...haha oh well. Also, it's a good thing I had no one to kiss that night, because the garlic is piled on, but it was worth every bite!

When we returned to the seats, I was surprised to find myself pretty into the game. I think Jeter's use of Jay Z's "Empire State of Mind" as his night's anthem might have helped...I'm loving that song right now.
Ok, moving on to a totally different subject, and hence the title hodgepodge...

A couple of weeks ago I received a few samples of stevia made by SweetLeaf, including the packeted sweetener as well as flavored liquid sweetener in the flavors of Root Beer, Chocolate Raspberry, and English Toffee (just two pictured below):

I first tried the packeted version in my coffee. I was not a fan! I felt that it added a filmy consistency to the coffee. Since I had this coffee at the same seminar in which I received the samples, I figured that coffee could have been off. When I tried the sweetener once more in my morning tea, I had the same opinion.

Next up the liquid sweeteners, which I was a bit hesitant to try after my first couple of experiences. So, english toffee into coffee, once again no. Ok, well the spokesmen told me the root beer flavor into seltzer would taste like a root beer soda. No seltzer in my cabinets so I tried it in regular tap water. The instructions said 1 drop/2mL of liquid. Well I thought one of the problems with my like of the product was that it was also too sweet (I tend not to add sugar to my tea or coffee) so I halved the amount. Weellll...

I actually liked it a lot! The last few days half my water consumption has included either root beer or chocolate raspberry flavoring (haven't tried the toffee since the coffee incident).

Next I need to try root beer in seltzer. Any good ideas for the english toffee? I don't think I want toffee flavored water, but it could be okay.


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