Sunday, October 4, 2009

Falling into Fall

Hey all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine flew by but was pretty productive. I had some pretty good eats which I will post later in the week but today is all about the Medieval Festival which took place at Fort Tyron park. For those unfamiliar with New York it's located at 190th st on the Westside and absolutely beautiful.

I mean look at this view looking over into New Jersey, it's gorgeous! Rockefeller actually bought the land in Jersey facing the park to prevent future development and preserve the view for future generations. The park is also home to the Cloisters, which is one of my favorite museums in the city.

So what exactly occurs at a New York City Medieval Festival? Well giant turkey legs seemed to be a must for several attendees. As soon as we walked in I spotted the huge legs and people surrounded the consumer to find out where they could purchase their own. Walking a bit more we spotted the BBQ line, with the major feature of smoked turkey legs.
I went to the festival with my friend Ryan who is responsible for these pictures, thank you Ryan! We went to Josie's West before coming to the fair so I wasn't at all hungry. Although, even if I was hungry I would have probably waited until I left to eat. The food was not particularly special to me, and there were few healthy options, especially for non meat eaters like myself. I think apart from the turkey legs we saw several venders selling fried dough, french fries, and chocolate cake. The latter of which I later confirmed with another friend to most likely be Entenmann's. Also not sure how medieval any of those eats are...

But the entertainment was pretty good. Lost of musicians, even some with their adorable children:

There was also jousting which was by far my favorite event, even though the knight I was cheering for lost:

My knight is the one in the yellow, who somehow lost to the older man in red. I guess experience pays off!

We got to this event about 10 minutes before it started, which apparently late if you wanted to sit; so Susan, Dana, and I stood along the stands. We were able to see a decent amount. I caught Ryan taking our pictures:

All in all a pretty fun and FREE event in the city, I definitely recommend checking it out in the future. I mean look at the size of this crowd, clearly it must be worthwhile!


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