Thursday, October 22, 2009

Conference 1-California quick recap

Hey guys-It's been more than a week since I first landed in Southern California, and looking at the past week, boy was it a whirlwind!

This trip to California is just what I needed! Yes, I had to leave my New York apartment at 4 am, make a pit stop at Phoenix, AZ and then back into the air and off to Orange County; but it was all worth it! Oh I didn’t mention I quickly crashed and slept for 2+ hours, but woke up refreshed for a 5 mi run.

I then walked around Fashion Island. It took all of my composure not to go on a shopping spree. Every store was having a sale, and things just seemed more fashionable than NYC. I know that’s not actually true, but New York stores are always so crowded and messy from everyones pickings, I can’t see the fashion beyond the swarms of people.

The island itself, fashion island that is, is like no mall I have ever visited! I mean looking at these next couple of photos, can you imagine a mall?

After walking around a bit, I grabbed dinner, a few rolls of sushi (I didn't have much of an appetite after flying half of the day) and headed back to the hotel.

I got an early start on Thursday. After a quick workout, I asked for directions to Balboa island, and set out on a nice 2 mi walk. Originally, I had intended on taking the ferry across the harbor to the peninsula, and walk around a bit more; however, I was pretty content with the views from my side of the island and decided to skip the extended journey. The only advantage of crossing would have been a better picture of the sea lions I saw/heard, layout on a boat. I tried to take a picture, but the zoom on my little camera did them no justice.

For lunch I stopped at a Starbucks and grabbed an egg white wrap with spinach and feta cheese, a fruit cup on the side. The wrap was as flat as it looks, but actually quite good, flavors came together quite nicely!
That afternoon, the conference began, and was followed by a brief reception, which provided cocktails and other beverages, but was lacking on the food department. I joined a few others as we ventured around and checked out our food options. We settled on Wahoo's, a fish taco chain in California.

I've settled on being a pescatarian, and as one I opted for the the fish bowl rather than the tofu bowl. The blackened fish and white beans, with added hot sauce on top, so yummy! Why don't we have places like this on the east coast?

My fellow '09 awardees and conference attenders.

After a filling meal and great company, it was back to the hotel room, to study and checkout the amazing sunset as viewed from my room window.


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