Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chicago Part 2

Last travel post from Chicago.
After another day of meetings and poster presentations it was dinner time! I met up with my roommate and coworker at Heaven on Seven. I absolutely love this place and recommend that anyone who loves hot sauce (look at the wall of hot sauces!!!) and creole inspired dishes check this place out. They have a few restaurants throughout the city, we went to the Rush st location.

I think I tried about every hot sauce on our table and asked for them to bring out the deadly sauces

Margarita special for the day.
My order, vegetarian black beans and sweet potato polenta. Everyone had a bit of my polenta, is was INCREDIBLE!!!! So smooth, rich, and a bit creamy, I'm definitely going to have to recreate this dish in the near future.

My roommate had a cajun enchilada, I must admit, I was a way too into my dish to gather the details of what the enchilada contained.

My coworker order Orzolya-a jambalaya made with orzo pasta.

We all ate till we were stuffed! The food was amazing and the portions were large. That enchilada above was actually under the appetizers.

Other specialities from Chicago that I indulged included garrett's popcorn. Go for the Chicago Mix-includes caramel and cheese covered popcorn, and make sure to order with a friend. This stuff is addictive, and you could easily consume by yourself (although with a sick tummy afterwards)!

On my last night my lab went out to Gino's East, a deep dish style pizza place. The only deep dish pizza I had in the past was an inch deep in cheese, and just made me rather sick. I must say Gino's changed my opinion of deep dish pizza. We ordered a family sized salad, which I ate a healthy portion, along with a slice and a half of deep dish pizza with spinach. The pizza was pretty good and I would go back again. The crust had a cornmeal consistency, and a small layer of cheese which was covered with tomato sauce and spinach. In other words, low on the cheese, heavy on the sauce...and I'm a sauce girl! Give me a tomato pie any day and I'm happy!! Sorry no photo, don't be mad.

Talk with you soon!

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  1. OMG, you had me at Heaven on Seven!! I, who love all things hot sauce, used to work a mere two blocks from there and would "accessorize" my lunch with their jalapeno corn bread - amazing!

    Every time my daughter and I go down town, we get Garrett's popcorn and then walk back from Water Tower to the train station - every time we hit a red light we'd say "PB" which meant popcorn break and we'd dig in.

    And to finish with Gino's East - perfection!

    I now live 55 miles NW of the city, and its sad that I only make it downtown a couple times a year!

    Glad you had such a great trip!