Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Cupcakes

As part of a friend's birthday in conjunction with Halloween, I decided to bake up a batch of Halloween cupcakes this past weekend. Since my friend has a gluten allergy I made a batch of gluten free cupcakes and a semi-regular batch of cupcakes. Below are the gluten-free variety:

Below I have the "semi-regular batch." Semi-regular, because I added a 12 oz can of diet root beer to a box of chocolate cake mix in order to cut down on calories.

Next it was time to decorate. I made a gluten free chocolate icing and also used store bought vanilla icing. Decorations included carmel candy corn, gummy warms, reese's pieces (one of my favorite guilty pleasures), ground up graham crackers (the dirt), licorice, red hots, and shredded coconut.

So much fun and I totally over comes the holiday temptations. I think a post on that issue will be in the works.


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