Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and Music Review

Happy 1st of November!

Many of you will recognize Leighton Meester here from her role as Blaire from Gossip Girl. Most recently she has also entered the music scene, initially with guest vocals on Cobra Starship's hit Good Girls Go Bad. While nothing special vocally, she does add a nice sweet but edgy appeal that seems perfectly fitting to the songs title.

That said, she should stick to cameo appearances. Her just released single Somebody to Love fails both lyrically and vocally, and her collaboration with Robin Thick did nothing to boost the songs appeal. All and all, Leighton has proved once more that actresses cannot make the music jump!

On to Halloween, photo recap!

Me as a fairy (lost my wand):
Angel and Witch:

Gladiator rockin' the pleather skirt:
At my school's party with the Tin Man:
2 Amish boys on their rumspringa (the year Amish teens are allowed to explore the freedom of the "English" world):
Mad Men:

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