Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ena's getting married!

My friend and former Co-Resident assistant (we both were RA's on the same floor Junior year at NYU) is getting married in November!! To celebrate their engagement the groom's parents threw an amazing party!

Such a radiant couple:

I've never been to an Indian function before and was in awe of all the beautiful saris.

Ena could definitely have a future in event planning. She spent a majority of her weekends during the last few months helping her future in-laws plan the event, and boy did it pay off, everything was perfect.

Beautiful table center piece:

Great music and lots of dancing:

During the night I had a few glasses of wine:

For dinner I had a bit of everything, the menu was completely vegetarian, and I was in heaven. Apart from home cooked indian food, this was seriously the best I have ever tasted! I was dreaming about the lentils throughout the night. Another girl at my table said she wish she brought tupperware in order to take several of the dishes home, yeah, it was that good!

Can't wait until the wedding!


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