Thursday, June 3, 2010

Looking back and moving on

Hey Guys-

As I uploaded pictures from Ena's party I began to look through some of my past albums and reminiscing over my last few summers.

Summer 2006 I lived in Boston and worked as a research assistant at Joslin Diabetes Center, part of Harvard Medical:

Free Yeah Yeah Yeah's concert, my first time seeing the band!

Summer 2007 and 2008 I worked for Merck and lived in Philly:

And of course I graduated in 2008 and made the most of my senior year:

While the plan for the summer is to work, work, work, I also have a couple of trips and of course several concerts to look forward to-Yeasayer only 2 days away, and I leave for Europe in 6! I hope these scattered events keep my spirits high because a string of failed experiments can definitely dampen my spirit. I try to look at the positive, but it's definitely getting harder. For example I worked a 12 hour day on Tuesday to turn around on Wednesday to find out it didn't work...I'm repeating it today (currently in lab and waiting for the last incubation) fingers crossed my time tonight is not wasted.

What are your summer plans?


Ps-Download "Promises" from the Morning Benders here free for a limited time.

And a free mix tap here including "Cold War" from the Morning Benders and "All Talk" from Kid Cudi.

Pps- The Morning Benders are giving a free concert in Governor's Island and I'm incredibly bummed that I will be missing it (that said I will be in Rome during the time so don't feel too bad for me.)


  1. I loved the walk down memory lane!!!

  2. you've lived in some great cities!! :-)
    the nature of my law program requires me to take two summer courses, which we are in the midst of right now (it's a joint Canadian and American law degree) but they jam the material into 8 weeks so we have a month off after the exams and before classes begin in the fall so my friend and I are going to Peru!! I am super pumped! I also have two weekend trips coming up: next weekend to Chicago to run a half marathon and see the city (see my blog :-)) and in 3 weeks to NYC!! I love summer!
    I hope you enjoy all of your summer plans!