Monday, June 21, 2010

La Roux

On the Monday before my trip, June 7th, I made my way to Terminal 5 to hear the electro pop duo, La Roux. It's hard to think of the group as a pair because Eleanor Jackson is the face of La Roux. The bands' other half is Ben Langmaid, co-producer, and co-write for the group, but he remains behind scenes.

Before La Roux, Atarah Valentine hit the stage. Looking at his My Space page prior to the show I was intrigued by his possible antics, I was expecting a Marilyn Manson/Lady Gaga mix. When a live orchestra came out I immediately thought, oh, we must have a new act. A few seconds later Atarah ran out dressed in black from head to toe, with long, straight black hair. Through his entire set, I was just confused. The lyrics were not developed, and Atarah was just all over the place. He went from the live orchestra to dancing with 2 back up dancers. Perhaps in a smaller venue I would have got into the techno beats?

When La Roux hit the stage the crowd immediately got to it and danced the night away with songs like "I'm Not Your Toy" and "In for the Kill." Eleanor also slowed it down for a few songs and even went acoustic. Not only did la Roux sound just as good if not better live than on the album, Eleanor proved herself as a great vocalist in her acoustic piece.

Hope this video clip works for you!

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