Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm really tired and ready for a nap, to take a nap or push for 9 and an early bedtime? For now I will push on while clothes are being washed and food is cooked.

The week prior to my trip I went to see my little cousin in her ballet recital. She was amazing and such a beautiful and graceful ballerina.

Afterwards we went to a Caribbean vegan, raw food restaurant in Brooklyn, Rawstar. This was the best raw food experience I have had by far!
To start I had their house tea sweetened with agave:

For my main course I had the Nappa sandwich:

I also tried my cousins pizza, which again was incredible. The crust was a nut base with I believe a macadamia nut cheese and plenty of fresh toppings.
My aunt had the curry tempeh with pineapple chutney and the tree fish salad (tried a bit of this seaweed based salad and again delish):
Before leaving for the afternoon, one of the owners took my cousin into the kitchen to show her around and let her create a dish of her own. She came out with zucchini spaghetti topped with tomato sauce and pesto. She was ready to dig in but was convinced to save it for dinner.

By the end of the afternoon, it seems I inspired a future food blogger:Later,

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