Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sightings in the City

Hey Blog buddies,

I've been MIA this week recovering from my jet lag and working on my summer To Do List. Through the week I'll have a few new recipes for you that I've been testing out.

This week I also had 2 celebrity sightings!

Sighting 1 Jay Z, Kayne West, and a 3rd person who is probably famous in his own right but unknow to me.

The sighting went down like this-

Nicole, Sherika, and Rupa are walking down the street heading for bhangra dancing. Nicole sees 3 well dressed black men walking toward her. She gasps when she realizes that the one in the middle is Jay-Z! She shakes Sherika's arm and no response. Again she shakes and nothing. Finally as they are right across from the group she says aloud, "Will you look, how do you not see that it's Jay-Z!!!"

After passing the group Sherika admits that she didn't see Jay-Z only Kayne West but was trying to be the cool New Yorker and not respond. Nicole on the other hand didn't care and wished she had her camera so she could have taken a quick photo of the group!

The end.

Saturday I spent finally getting back to the gym and relaxing in central park. While there I ended up seeing Bear in Heaven member Adam Wills (there on the left).


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  1. Awesome. Its safe to say there are no celeb sightings in Bham, AL :)