Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yesterday I...

1. Woke up (PS I really need to edit more carefully, my first post said work up, sigh) at 7 am and thought I was going to get over this jet-lag thing quickly, but after having a large breakfast I ended up passing out until 10:30 am. At which point I showered and got my butt to lab.

2. Wrote my yearly report updating the Dean's office on my progress.

3. Listened to Rooney

4. Which reminded me of the OC's theme song California

5. But then I went back to Rooney

Did I ever tell you that I met the lead singer when coming back from Disney World the summer of 2008. I thought I recognized him at baggage claim and then when he ended up on the shuttle I knew it was him! I usually never react when I see a celebrity, but they're not incredibly known so I asked for his autograph, shaking the entire time. He ended up asking me directions into Manhattan and I even bought his metro card for him...wish I hadn't been so nervous and could have continued the conversation. Oh well, still good memories!!


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