Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Minute Change

My mom and sister were suppose to come into the city today for a visit but when I woke at 7am I saw a text from my mom letting me know my sister was sick and they had to cancel our plans.

I was up and scrambled through my head what I would end up doing with my day. I started with breakfast and then decided to go back to sleep. After a 2 hour morning nap I walked into the heat and to the gym for a cardio session and the hardest pilates class of my life! I use to do pilates 4-5 times a week and now it's down to about 1. This past week I have been working on reincorporating pilates back into my life and fit it into my routine 3 times, alternating it with 2 days of weight lifting. Pilates is such a great total body workout with a particular focus on core. At today's class we had a substitute teacher who threw in just about every advanced level pilates movement plus some that I know. I'm already feeling it and not sure how tomorrow's spin class is going to feel.

At the same time I also want to get my running mileage back up. Since my half marathon my longest run has only been 5 miles, however, during my half training I pulled back on speed quite a bit and focused on pure endurance. My 3 mi run is back to about 24 minutes and I want to work on extending this pace to 5 miles by the end of the summer. I plan to make a schedule for the next 2 months to help me reach these goals, with modifications each week based on my social life.

After the gym I was planning on walking to Whole Foods but I felt my tummy grumbling so I decided to hit the grocery store that's between the gym and my apartment. So glad I did, Siggi's was on sale! This is by far the best greek yogurt but it's so $$$ even when on sale! I started with 3 containers in my basket but ended up grabbing 3 more. I rarely splurge on much so why not spend a bit more on really good healthy food that I will enjoy.

Lunch today featured a Sunshine burger:

and delicious cherry tomatoes from my CSA share. Ah I've never had tomatoes that are so flavorful, I don't know if I can ever by a tomato from a grocery store again.

As for the rest of the day. I plan to get some data analyzed and get some much needed reading done and maybe some writing. Then tonight I'm off to Central Park for the Alvin and Ailey dance performance, so excited.

Have a great day,

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