Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Visitor

In lab we have a ridiculous number of summer students and somehow I've ended up teaching up to 3 at a time this week. As a result I felt no qualms about leaving at 2:30 pm yesterday. I was able to fit in a quick pilates session, clean, pick up groceries, all before Sarah arrived around 4:30.

We chatted, snacked on Food Should Taste Good chips with hummus and salsa, along with blueberries, and grapes. We also sipped on some Riesling.

Then we headed to the South St Seaport for the River to River Festival to hear Bear in Heaven with opener Zola Jesus.

Zola Jesus

River to River usually has a comprehensive lineup each year, in spite of this fact, this was the first time I've ever made it for a concert at the venue. It's a pretty cool atmosphere with the huge sail boats and people listening from the various balconies'/terraces' of the Seaport Mall and restaurants.

For the opener we worked our way pretty close to the front, however, the sound was really off and I didn't have ear plugs so we ended up moving to the side and watched while sitting on the row of benches. I considered going up to Uno and watching from their terrace while having a drink, but there didn't seem to be any available seats.

Bear in Heaven

After the show we walked to Rice to Riches for dessert. This place is out of this world, but I actually haven't been in over 4 years. It's a little to rich for me and I usually prefer ice cream or a cookie to pacify my sweet tooth. That said, it is delicious and worth a visit, even if only once every couple of years.

Sarah and I both tried a few different flavors before I decided on the Cookies and Cream and she on the Tiramisu with cherries on top.

I'm not sure if I love or hate the dishes they serve the rice pudding. Personally, I didn't hesitate saving the bowl for future uses, it's cute, and hard plastic made for multiple uses; however, many patrons throw them out along with uneaten portions of the rice pudding. It's such a waste on multiple levels. Plus the stuff is so amazing I don't know who can think to throw it out, Sarah and I both licked our bowls clean!

After more walking around the East Side I think I tired Sarah out and we headed home to crash.

Today's plans include kayaking on the Hudson (still haven't made it there this summer) but first oat bran and ice coffee!!!