Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hey everyone~

I had a great but exhausting weekend! It started with a few of these during happy hour on Friday with friends.
And ended with some homemade lentil soup tonight. After the below freezing temperatures this weekend, warm soup was all I was craving!
For tonight's bowl I added spinach which wilted from the warm broth. I divided the rest for meals later in the week and also froze a few servings.

Backing up a bit, after happy hour on Friday I ended up going to dinner with a few classmates at Chinese Mirch in Murray Hill. We ordered family style so I tried a bit of everything, well, all the vegetarian plates, which turned out to be most everything!

For starters we ordered crispy okra:

And Momo's (tibetan dumpling):
For entrees there was a lamb dish, I believe it was the szechuan:Zeeshan eyeing the szechuan vegetable fried rice:

Vegetable ball manchurian:Chinese eggplant in garlic sauce:
Everything was delicious and spicy, but a good spice, perfect food to warm you in the cold!

Saturday I volunteered with Don't Walk By, a campaign by the Rescue Alliance to give homeless men, women, and children an alternative to living on the streets. After walking in the streets for several hours we were able to convince one man to come back to a local church for a warm meal, the option for shelter that evening and a long term program to help get him off the street.

The experience was very humbling and physically exhausting. My fingers and feet were freezing after just 4 hours in the cold, I can't imagine what it would be like to spend the night in this weather.

I was beyond tired this morning despite sleeping for 8 hours, I'm sure it was the freezing temps and winds. As a result I took it pretty easy today, as in no work out.

I did meet up with a friend for brunch at Josie's East. I've never been to the east location for brunch and although I prefer West overall, I thought I would try East's once more. After today's meal I still prefer Josie's West and would opt for other organic/vegetarian options that are on the east side.

Ryan ordered the veggie omelette:

I ordered the Vegan "Denver Style" scramble, which included a tofu veggie scramble, tempeh, roasted veggies, and an english muffin. Tempeh is really growing on me and I thoroughly enjoyed it with my breakfast, however, I wasn't a fan of the tofu scramble. I ended up eating the veggies from the scramble but left most of the actual tofu. Thankfully the veggies were there, but a good scramble should be able to stand on its own.
I'm off to bed, not only am I ridiculously sleepy but I need to get to lab early!


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  1. Did you retouch the picture I took? I don't remember it coming out that bright...but the plates look delicious.