Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fire Burnin'

Hey all-

Ahh, lately me and the broiler are not friends! I place something in there, run to do something else (always trying to make the most of my time, or something like that) and then jump out of my seat a few minutes later when I've realized there is a burning smell. The latest victim, some roasting mushrooms, but I think they were saved in time.

Anyhow, I wanted to send along a few links I've come across this week and found pretty interesting.

1. I've been doing a lot of mindless task in the lab this week and started listening to a few different podcast to pass the time. I came across the Healthy Voyager not knowing what to expect, but figured I would give her a listen. Turns out the guest of the particular show was Tal Ronnen, author of The Conscious Cook, one of the vegetarian/vegan cook books I received for Christmas. He shared his journey to becoming a vegan, the process of making his cookbook (the recipe choice, layout, photo design, etc.), and the role he plays in Gardein products (food company that makes all natural meat substitutes).

2. The BBC has been slowly unveiling their top 5 artist from Sound 2010, a list of rising music stars which in the past have included Kid Cudi, Adele, Little Boots, and Mika. My favorites are Delphic, Two Door Cinema Club, and Stornoway. So far one has made it to the top 5, let's see if I can score any more! Also liking Rox, though I don't think she will make it to the top 5, she has incredible vocals and some blood too-half Iranian, half Jamaican.

I need to move back to London, it's calling in so many ways!

3. Finally got around to seeing Food Inc., and if you have not, it's definitely a must see! There wasn't necessarily anything new for me having seen several other documentaries on the subject and reading books such as The Omnivore's Dilema; but I enjoyed being able to see the organic farms and farmers describe in such books. Over a 100 years ago Upton Sinclair was able to rattle the food industry with The Jungle. Journalist, novelist, directors, are trying to do the same today, but I feel like there is so much more red tape. The meat industry is controlled by so few companies and they are able to keep so much of their practices a secret. The federal government is suppose to regulate these companies, but more often than not the law makers are coming straight from these companies. Enough from me, but do see the movie.

In other news, tomorrow marks a month long fruit and veggie challenge with my mom, the winner receives a pair of heels! We challenged ourselves back in May and I kicked her butt, but only marginally. I'm hoping to be as creative with my meals as I was in May, which will hopefully get me back into the swing of cooking as well. I'll keep you guys posted.

I'll leave with this quote I came across this past weekend:
I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I'm out of control at times and I'm hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worse, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

I'm loving that! Would you believe it's from Marilyn Monroe?!


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