Sunday, January 3, 2010

I spent the first weekend of the new year mostly relaxing but also spent a few hours working and enjoying a quiet empty lab.

Saturday Amanda (friend from middle school) and I headed to the upper west side and made a stop at the Natural History Museum. I was hoping to visit the butterfly conservatory but it cost extra so we just wandered to sections I had not explored in the past.

Loved this christmas tree decorated with origami ornaments:
Afterwards I introduced Amanda to Josie's West. We went for the prix fixe dinner which included an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. I opted for the organic mesclun greens and seared Asian-marinated organic tofu stir-fry.

This was the best tofu dish I ever had! I need to recreated that marinade at home, it was amazing.
We were stuffed after dinner so we took our desserts, a huge slice of 3 berry pie, to go. By the time we ran some errands and walked back to the east side we were ready to dig in and could not have been more satisfied.
Look at the size of the strawberries in the pie!

Amanda (from this blog) discovered that Blossom opened up a cafe on the UES! So excited, we're going to check it out on Friday!!

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