Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Recap

Hey all!

I can't believe I have to get used to writing 2010 already, but before jumping into the New Year, let me recap my remaining couple of days of 2009.

I returned to the city Wednesday afternoon in a packed train with my friend Sarah. After the hectic ride we were well ready for lunch after dropping bags off at my apartment. We headed to Candle Cafe a vegan/vegetarian restaurant which isn't far from my place.

Sarah ordered the Indian Plate and ate every bit!
I tried the Cajun Seitan sandwich which consisted of avocado, steams greens, caramelized onions and seitan of course. So good and filling, I could only eat half.
After running errands and relaxing at home for a bit we decided Pinkberry was in store since Sarah had never been. I was also excited to try out their new chocolate flavor. In the end I opted to mix the chocolate and pomegranate. Unlike the other flavors the chocolate was not the least bit bitter so the mixture subdued the normal tang of their yogurts.

New Year's eve we woke to snow. Walking in the city with everything slightly coated seemed so surreal.
After grabbing coffee at Starbucks we went to MOMA to see the Tim Burton exhibition. Despite getting there at 10, we were not able to get Burton admission tickets until 12:30. It wasn't too hard to kill 2.5 hours, there were plenty of new exhibits and pieces to look at while we waited.

By the time we left the museum it was around 1:30 and we were starving. Sarah had yet to see New York's Chinatown and it had been awhile since I had Dim Sum so we ventured downtown to Golden Unicorn.
I think I remember why it's been so long since I've had Dim Sum, my options were very limited. In the end I only had a few dumplings, all of which had some degree of shrimp. I was excited when I saw the vegetable dumpling option, but the lady in the cart ran out and returned with a veggie and shrimp dumpling. In the end I ordered a plate of bok choy to satisfy my vegetable need.
So happy when this bad boy came out, unfortunately it was a huge plate and I only made a dent, guess I will be eating bok choy for the next week. :-/
After lunch we ran to the bus station to pick up our friend Amanda then back to my apartment to rest and set up treats for the night.
My roommate and I decided on a sandwich bar, so our spread included lots of cheeses, meats, roasted red pepper spread, hummus, olives and VEGGIES!

I began the night with a Black Velvet, Guinness and champagne. I haven't had this drink since London, 4 years ago! It was just as good now as it was then.
I also tried out this beer I came across at Whole Foods. Coffee and beer, I was intrigued. It was a very dark beer but smooth, and the coffee flavor was present but in a good balance. I'm a fan, and would opt for it over a chocolate stout which I have yet to find a version I like.
Amanda and I:
Sarah and I, yes I changed my outfit, but it was after 12 and time to go out!

Before leaving we tried out a German tradition, dropping candle wax into water and interpreting the image (which was suggested by one of my guest, she's from Germany and celebrated her first New York new year's last night).

My wax feel into the shape of a dancer, do you see it(I have the image sideways, so think the arm is over the head)? What do you think this means for my upcoming year?

Happy New Year!!


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