Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oats in a Jar

Hey! How did everyone celebrate St. Patrick's Day? I opted not to do the bar scene thing last night because, as I keep hinting at, I have been having the worst week of sleep for various reasons.

Yesterday while at work I could not stop yawning. When 2pm rolled around I felt like I had been in the lab for a decade. I considered taking a nap, but I really wanted to analyze my data so I ran home (I live close to my school) and made use of the rest of my ice coffee. It did the trick and kept me focused for the rest of the day, I also save 2+ dollars, and I'm all about saving right now.

After work I laced up my green sneakers and met my friend Ena for a killer chisel class followed by a 3 mi easy run on the treadmill and .5 mi cool down. When I returned home I refueled with a really green monster, but forgot to take its picture.
The spirit of all things green continued this morning when I used my microplane to add cinnamon to my oats via cinnamon sticks. I'm all out of powdered cinnamon!! I'll have to grab some when I'm in Philly this weekend (I'll be hitting up Target to replenish my cooking basics).

I was able to fall asleep before 12 am last night (first time in a week!), did not wake once in the middle of the night, and slept until 8:21 am. I'm also taking it slower this morning, usually I'm in lab by now, but given that my hours are flexible sometimes it's nice to ease into the day.

For breakfast I made use of my nearly empty PB jar and had oats in a jar. This was the first time in over a month I had old fashion oats. I've been eating a lot of oat bran, and I definitely think I prefer the bran, I feel like it has a natural sweetness and less chewy?

Ok, time to get myself into gear.


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