Monday, March 1, 2010

Bad News

I think I'm feeling 95% better, of course I thought I was better this morning and then around lunch my back began to ache once more and my head spinning so I called it a day in the lab and came home to do a bit of reading and took a nap.

Before the flu took me for a loop I was getting pretty creative with my desserts. Below is a quick apple crisp like concoction. Usually I just break a few ginger snap cookies over applesauce and microwave for 20-40 seconds. To get rid of some pumpkin in the refrigerator I threw it along with some cinnamon into the mix, and perfection!
Messy but so yummy!

While there is nothing aesthetically pleasing about this next mix it taste amazing. Simply heated a sliced banana for 20 seconds, added a teaspoon of chocolate peanut butter, and heaven!

As of Friday I was eating mostly vegetable broth, so vegetable soup was an upgrade yesterday. For the most part canned soup isn't really part of my diet since I realized homemade soup is easy to make and much lower in sodium; however, the only soup I had stored in the freezer contained lentils so I went for something lighter, Progresso's Vegetable Soup. I was surprised at how delicious this soup was and every spoonful was full of veggies!! The next time I crave canned soup I will definitely stick with Progresso.

At the moment I'm waiting for clothes to come out of the dryer and listening to Fleet Foxes, a band I really grew to appreciate when I saw them live at All Points West last summer, I love love love White Winter Hymnal. Since Bonnaroo posted their 2010 lineup I've visited the APW webpage about twice a week hoping to hear information about a 2010 festival. Unfortunately they have not changed their page and even worse the New York Times ran an article last week about the looming possibility of a 201o festival, and given the lack of performer bookings this years reoccurrence looks bleak.

Also, guilty pleasure to admit, I downloaded Justin Bieber's Baby today and have already played it 5x. I first heard it during a spin class last week and immediately fell in love. Do you usually fall in love with a song immediately or does it grow on you?


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  1. I hope you feel better soon! Some of the parts of Rachael Ray that we were at were on today, sorry I forgot to tell you! Teaching 6th grade was super busy today.
    And I usually do love/hate a song the first time i hear it.