Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bad Samaritan

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It is a sad state our world is in and it both angers and saddens me. Forgetting about the financial crises our own country faces and it’s potential implications I’ve come across dozens of other news stories this week that just make my skin crawl.

Somali is facing one of it’s worst famines and only made worse in areas ruled by the Islamist group al-Shabab who banned all foreign aid until about a month ago just to replace the ban upon word that the UN referred to the crises as a famine rather than simply a drought. Right, because it’s not clear to the rest of the world that when people can’t grow food as a result of a drought that famine won’t follow, not to mention the hundreds of pictures of the emaciated bodies.

And talk about corrupt governing, the group requires any charity group willing to set up a feeding center pay a project fee ranging from 4000-10000 USD.

The second story this morning was that of the Bad Samaritan, in reference to the riots in London. Check out the video here of boys seemingly willing to help out an injured young man to turn around and rob him, absolutely disgusting!

We can come back from all of this right? There are still good people left in this world right? Who are not just about the next paycheck, the newest fashions, etc? London officials blame social media and increased commercialism for all of their problems, do you agree?

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