Friday, August 5, 2011


What better day than Friday for a random post.

1. Did anyone watch the first episode of season 4 of Jersey Shore? Better yet has anyone watched The Situation's workout video? It's available on Netflix for instant watch.

I do say watch rather than do because it's not a good video, but a good laugh if you're looking for one. The man spends more time running his mouth than working out, and is form is way off on many exercises which is more likely to lead to an injury than the development of your own "situation."

2. I'm excited for Kayne West and Jay-Z's collaboration record, it's going to be monumental!

3. Knee update: I've been keeping it pretty easy with lots of walking, pilates, stretching, and upperbody weights only. I also started to ease into low intensity workouts on the elliptical. I think I can handle another week off but I really miss my spin classes.

Any big plans for this weekend?


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