Thursday, August 4, 2011


Post title alternatively called "Things that taste yummy but don't look so pretty."

At this week's CSA there was once again lots of color but with purple basal, lilac peppers, and eggplant, the color of the week was undoubtably purple!!

I came home and made another impromptu pesto throwing in lots of basil, a handful of pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and garlic scapes. There is a crazy amount of olive oil needed so I'm excited to try this protein filled pesto with low or no olive oil version next time around.

Also sad that the pesto looked more brown than purple in the end. Ignore my nail polish.

Using my sweet potato pizza crust I made a pesto pizza with spinach, banana peppers, and lilac peppers on top. This was absolutely delicious, but again didn't look so pretty.

Looks slightly prettier here, no? I guess for a better visual I could have made the crust round.

Whatever it was yummy!!

New music-Maverick Sabre, wasn't expecting this voice out of this guy.


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