Saturday, August 27, 2011

The calm before the storm

Madison and 5th ave looked a bit different this morning:

As of 5:45 am yesterday morning I was packing my bag and preparing to leave the city fearing for the worst. More than 24 hours later I'm still in NYC. My gut told me to stay-and one should go with his/her gut feeling, right? Well I'm prepared for the worst-have my batteries, flashlight, water, dry food, etc.; but still hoping for the best!

I also plan to make use of a weekend stuck inside by reading lots and beginning grant/fellowship proposals. Sounds fun right!?!

I began the morning with a nice iced coffee and stretched my legs by taking a little walk/run to and through Central Park (yay my knee is finally on the road to recovery!!).

Came home did a little bodyrock and finished off with a brief pilates session for a nice stretch.

Had a nice simple lunch-burrito and asian coleslaw:

I had intended to also roast some vegetables for dinner but couldn't avoid my sweet tooth so instead of healthy vegetables (which I will still cook later) I wiped up a batch of cake batter blondies-but what else is a girl to do when stuck inside? Well I guess there is work...

Stay dry and safe,

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  1. Praying for your safety! I made cake batter blondies a few weeks ago for a progressive dinner and they were a hit! I definitely gave out the recipe!