Friday, January 28, 2011

Catching Up

From the latest snow storm...more to come tonight and tomorrow:

Currently I'm in bed with the flu possibly? I'm so getting a flu shot next year...being achy and waking with a fever of 103 is not cool! It's going around my lab though, my boss has been out all week as was one of our technicians.

Apart from sleeping all day I decided to do a back log of blogging.

A few weeks ago a few girls in my class got together for a pizza party. I made a sweet potato crust and pineapple salsa topping.

The salsa was a mix of black beans, pineapples, green onions, and red and green peppers:

There was also more traditional styles of pizza with mozzarella, spinach, and broccoli, photo thanks to my friend Jenn, also her slice of pizza:

For dessert we had dessert pizza with berries, homemade whipping cream and nutella. I left out the crust and went with just the toppings. Yummy!

Ok, so this is random, but I think it's so cute. I recently watched the movie About a Boy because a coworker pointed out that he's the same kid as the star of the UK version of Skins. Not going to go into the show here apart from saying the US version completely ruins the UK version. In the former the acting is just horrible and the ideas just don't translate. Plus there is so much more imagery and artistic merit, in my opinion, in the UK version. Also the casting in the US version is all wrong. Just look at the two Tony's for example, first the UK Tony followed my the US Tony. Tony is suppose to be a suave, intelligent, and popular kid who is able to get away with manipulative acts because he's so confident and at ease they just seem natural.

The US Tony would never be able to get away with these actions because it just doesn't seem believable. He tries to pull off the debonair persona, but it just makes me seems out of character. Perhaps it's because he's short, not attractive to me (sorry that's mean) and just not as built as the UK Tony.

Anyhow, not going into the show again, but About a Boy. I love the little kid in this movie and just want to give him a big hug. He's such a nerd but doesn't mind putting himself on the line for his mother's happiness. Favorite scene from the movie found here, unable to embed.

Off to rest some more.



  1. The dessert pizza looks amazing!!! Feel better soon -- green smoothies and rest :)