Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming a New Year!

Hey all,

Can you believe it's already 2011, where did 2010 go!?!

I'm a bit behind in my posting from the last few days due to a frayed charger and therefore dead computer battery :( Which also means I'm a behind in lab reading...but no looking back, onwards and upwards!!!

I think I'll do a New Year's post and get to the rest later in the week.

New Year's eve was kept pretty low key this year, with good friends, food, and a few glasses of wine...very good wine!!

My friend Amanda hosted a small party at her Philadelphia apartment and went all out with the menu for dinner this year. Using the Trader Joe's Cook book she made a Zucchini Bake, which I unfortunately was unable to eat due to my tomato allergy.

I did have these awesome Shrimp Boats, and Israel Couscous good.

There were also dips, chips, and cheeses to munch on all night long.

My first plate:

To drink, sparkling wines of a few varieties,

and a surprise, Dom Perignon from 1998!!

At first I wasn't so sure I could tell the difference in a bottle of $140+ verses a bottle of $15 Champagne, but after holding a blind taste test and drinking a glass or so of Dom, it was much preferred!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, for dessert we had chocolate fondue!!!

To dip into the chocolate, we had bananas, apples,

and chocolate chip loaf bread from a new vegan bakery, Virago, near my house.

and clementines.

In between the great chatter, and dancing we had took a few photos.

I love this one of Sarah!

And this of me, mostly it makes my chest look larger than normal.

Happy New Years!!!!


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