Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Eats

Hey Bloggies, Nicole here!

Once again this weekend has flown by, but it was amazing and I'm not completely dreading the start of another work week.

Saturday I met a friend for dessert at Chickalicous and then to see True Grit.

Once again Chickalicious was amazing! I love the idea of 3 courses for dessert :)

I don't recall the details of each dish but the starter was a mixture of grapefruit and honey flavored ice cream.

For my main course I had a walnut maple panna cotta, I believe, and an apple ice cream.

Matt had the Fromage Blanc Island "Cheesecake" which I tried a bit of, and it was also spectacular!

The final course consisted of petite fours-marshmallows, shortbread, and brandy trifles.

The movie was also great, I loved the dialogue, very witty! At first, I wasn't so sure what I thought of new comer Hailee Steinfield, she seemed a bit stiff in the beginning and her lines a bit forced. However, by the end she came around or perhaps the presence of Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges made up for Hailee's downfalls, all the same I recommend, especially if you're a Cohen brother's fan!

It was the perfect way to spend a cold Saturday night!!


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  1. Any place that starts off with ice cream sounds amazing to me. Looks like a fun weekend -- have a great start to the week!