Monday, January 10, 2011

Pizza My Way

Hey all!

I am one tired blogger, but I had a fun/productive weekend so I won't complain! I have a few new recipes to share with you this week and I can't wait. To build the suspense I'll simply start with my "Mexican Pizza" I had for lunch yesterday.

Being allergic to tomatoes suddenly after eating them for 23 years was such a major blow! Hopefully I'll out grow it? I mean there are so many delicious tomato recipes, and foods that I loved to eat. However, I can't dwell on the past so I'm learning to be more creative!

I bring you the Mexican Pizza (also still limiting yeast and mold products-thus the use of flat bread and no cheese):

Pretty basic-tortilla shell or pita bread with refried beans and topped with veggies, here I have onion and zucchini. I had also intended to sauté red and green peppers but I was impatient and extremely hungry so I popped just the above into the toaster oven and dug in.

Served with a juicy blood orange:

Happy Monday,



  1. the blood orange looks great...I will have to see if my grocery store has those yet!

  2. oh i want a blood orange so badly! Sounds so good right now! did you get it from whole foods?