Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Blues

I am so over winter! This week in particular has really gotten to me...too many days with a fresh coat of snow or a wintery mix, not to mention the short days and freezing temperatures!

Thankfully it is the weekend and the sun is shining bright, granted it's only 14* outside and with a windchill it probably feels like the single digits, but the sun is out and I'm going to get out and get some vit D. Also I'm going to pretend that I don't see two additional days in the coming week with snow.

Ideally I would escape to some place warm for a weekend; however, I have a project going on in lab at the moment that requires I run something everyday at 4 pm for the next month.

Ah, seriously can't wait to see this!

I had some kind of tempory relief from the winter last night at the Two Door Cinema Club and Tokyo Police Club concert, I imagined that I was back at Austin City Limits.

I was surprised to see that the opener last night was Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

I love this band and was introduced to them 2 years ago, I think, by Amanda!

I'm not the hugest fan of Tokyo Police Club, with the exception of "Nature of the Experiment," but ended up staying for about half of their set. The sound at Terminal 5 also seemed worse than usual last night so I could hardly make out the band. The band's best asset in my opinion is Dave Monks vocals (who also had a birthday last night) but the sound system did it no justice.

Birthday boy, the band surprised him with a chocolate cake a few songs into the set.

Two Door Cinema Club, was amazing and so much fun. I saw them last at Austin City Limits and once again they brought with them so much energy. Terminal 5 became one huge dance party.

They're also from the other side of the pond, which always makes me like the band a bit more :)


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  1. Oh your concert looks like so much fun! I am dying for some summer, too. Not liking the ice and snow -- yes, the south is slated for more snow, too. Have a wonderful weekend!!!