Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Old And The New

Hey everyone! We've all had about a week in the New Year. How are those resolutions going? I tried not to set a weight loss resolution this year because I feel pretty good about my weight. I do, however, want to start eating healthier.

Some tasty foods I've had this week include:

Fish tacos

Sliced steak with onion gravy, with spinach mashed potatoes and broccoli

Marble Bundt cake I made for my dad's birthday

Specifically, there are a couple foods I want to eat more often in the new year. One is kale. I love love love it, but have only had it in soups. I want to try it in different ways. I like it more than spinach! I think I'll try braised kale.

I also want to eat more quinoa! I've only tried it once, and I really enjoyed it! It was featured in the food section of the newspaper today, and there was a great recipe for a chicken marsala quinoa casserole. I'm probably going to make it next week.

Have a nice week!


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