Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cozy Foods

When it looks like this outside:

All you want to do is stay inside and eat warm, comforting foods!

First, I heard that all the needed ingredients in a cake mix can be replaced by a can of diet soda. I wanted to try this out, but I didn't want/need a cake, so I tried it with a blueberry muffin mix and a can of diet ginger ale:

End result: not so good. I let them cook for a long time, but they were dense and doughy. I will try with an actual cake mix next time, and I'm sure it'll be better.

I also had some peanut butter and dark chocolate chips on hand, so I decided to make chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. The only swap I made in the ingredients was splena brown sugar blend for regular brown sugar. They turned out great!

And now, for more Rachael Ray recipes! I seem to make at least one every week. First, was cauliflower and penne. We didn't have penne, so we used some bow tie and curly pastas. Very simple and tasty dish. The purple cauliflower was cheaper than regular, so it was also a pretty dish!

Next, I made cod and shrimp "stoup" with salt and vinegar mashed potatoes. Sounds weird, yes, but was very good! The mashed potatoes made it creamy and somewhat tangy. I would definitely make it again.

The cookies are almost all gone now, so I think it's time to make something else. Any suggestions?


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  1. Let me send you a good cake recipe using soda. I have one that also includes pudding mix which adds some of the extra moisture you lose when taking out the eggs and oil. It's also something to learn as you experiment, egg replacements can't be the same from one recipe to another.