Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Hey Bloggies-

My turn to talk Super Bowl...but, to be honest, I completely stopped paying attention to football after the Eagles quickly lost during the first round of playoffs. However, when my friend invited me to her Superbowl party, I quickly sided with the Steelers (at least they're also a Pa team) and sent in my RSVP.

The party football was good (I know the Steelers lost, but the game was still good), commercials were decent, especially the Doritos ads, and the food...well that was definitely the best part!

Lots of yummy dips, chips, and veggies:


And my favorite part, dessert!

Cupcakes "Bake by Melissa"-the tiny bite size cupcakes

There was also sausage and peppers, a no-bake cream cheese cake, and fresh guacamole. Very good! Okay, back to work!



  1. I am so bummed the Steelers lost too...black and yellow black and yellow!

  2. I think the snacks are definitely the best part of the game.