Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner in Jersey

Hey all!

Another week flying by...eekk where does the time go?

Last night I ran out of work early to fit in a 4 mile run before heading to Port Authority to meet up with my friend Ena and catch a bus to Jersey for dinner at our friend Crissy's. It was quite the experience....well, going to New Jersey always seems like an experience and somewhat of an ordeal. Whether it's taking the Path, catching a car ride, taking the ferry, or as in last night hoping on a bus-a first for me. Apart from Port Authority being a little, or maybe very seedy, it was actually pretty easy and the buses leave regularly and often.

Anyhow, once we reached Crissy's dinner was just about ready to serve. She decided to appease her vegetarian friend and try to cook tofu, and in order to give it flavor she wanted to add sweet and sour sauce. Well the grocery store was out so she thought she would try this cheriyaki sauce, that's cherry teriyaki. Thankfully she only tried it on a small amount of tofu because it wasn't the best tasting item.

I gave her a hand with the remaining tofu, pressing out the water, cutting it up into pieces, and sautéing in some basic seasonings. Combined with lots of fresh vegetables, and brown rice and we had a great quick healthy meal!

Oh, and I don't know how I forgot, we started with a bottle of Muscadet, which was a first for me. It was pleasant, similar to a Sauvignon blanc but less acidic.

For dessert we had these amazing oatmeal cookie sandwiches that Ena picked up during her lunch. They very yummy!
Also check out this blog post my mom sent to me about keeping a positive outlook.

Have a good one,

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  1. awww the cheriyaki sauce sounds like it would have tasted nice, what a shame. I do love tofu and brown rice though, good choice for dinner.

    Love your mum's blog post and the five things ... I really need to try this I think!