Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Night

Hey all!

Last night the roomie and I hosted our 2nd Oscar's party! I was looking through my posts from last year and couldn't find one about our first party :(...sometimes I'm a really bad blogger. We went all out for the party this year so I wouldn't hesitate to blog about it!!

As always there was great food.

I took a few short cuts thanks to Trader Joe's and used their sweet potato bisque for my soup shooters and topped with soy chorizo.

I also used Trader Joe's pizza crust to make spinach and artichoke pizza.

There were also stuffed mushrooms,

fruit a plenty,

cheese, veggies, humus and more!

Can't forget about dessert! Banana pudding based off of Magnolia Bakery's recipe.

Everyone also indulged us for the most part and came dressed in their finest! The boys did a better job than the girls by far...aren't they snazzy ;)

And apparently at some point we began to have too much fun and John ended up spilling his soup all over Harvir...I have no idea how that happened!!

Oh we're oh so classy opting on the floor over furniture...

All in all a great success!!!


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  1. What a fun idea! That spinach and artichoke pizza looks so delicious!