Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Breathe

Hey all-

I've been so stressed out the last week or so over my looming yearly committee meeting, thankfully it went well (I suppose as my boss said I had nothing to worry about since my developing story is very strong...in any case I worry and stress, it happens).

Just in case my presentation wasn't enough to wow my committee meetings I quickly whipped up these cake batter blondies that I can across the other day on girl meets life. They were so tasty and everyone seemed to enjoy!

So moist in the inside, just perfect!!

In terms of the music world, and as a means of de-stressing this morning in prep for my talk I was in desperate search through the web for another new Strokes release, "You're so Right." I was seeing a bit of talk about it over Twitter but every link for the song proved to end in vain. Finally, post talk, I found it over at NME.com. Wow, this is definitely a new sound for the band but by the second listen I was hooked!!

Off to cycle off some of my energy.

Catch ya later,

1 comment:

  1. Just breathe...a Michelle Branch classic! Glad to hear school is going well and you are getting to cycle! Exercise = endorphins...I love being a science geek!