Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lessons Yet Learned

Starting a countdown as reminder to myself of some goals I want to achieve, will share in time.

Spring-4 days (This Sunday!!)
Peru-1 month
Birthday-7 weeks (will be a quarter of a century, eek!)

Things I hope to realize by the time I turn 25:

1. No matter how tired you feel do not take a nap after 4 pm, better to push through and go to bed early (I never used to take naps, this habit didn't start to senior year of college, and while I'm not opposed to taking naps, after 4pm when you still want to go to bed at 10/11 pm, is not a good idea.

2. You will not melt in the rain. Today I skipped a morning workout because it was pouring. That said, hoping to make it to a spin class after work.

3. If a box of girl scout cookies are in the house, I will eat them. Again, I used to have will power, not sure where it went.

4. I cannot work productively from home. I left work yesterday at 5 pm, though I have lots of reading and writing to do, but I left because the bench work was done. Plus I was just getting annoyed by the atmosphere and needed a change of scenery. Well, going home is not a current option, apart from reading a couple of pages not much was accomplished.

In other news when I heard Rihanna's new song-Man Down I immediately thought of her skit on SNL-Shy Ronnie.

Well, after watching the skit, I guess they aren't so similar...

Finally-RIP to Nate Dogg who passed this morning at the age of 41.



  1. So I'm glad someone else is feeling the pinch of a quarter life crisis. I literally just blogged about that I loved reading this post and completely understanding what you mean....double that on the will power :)

  2. Girl scout cookies don't stand a CHANCE!