Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

Hey everyone! I had a great weekend, how about you? So many good foods, but of course I forgot my camera for most of the weekend.

Anyway, I made a Sunday/Monday trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms. I hadn't been there for years, and there is so much to do, so I had to pick a few choices. The first was a trip to the American History Museum. The exhibits about the presidents were probably my favorite, especially the First Lady exhibit.

The next day, we started our day at the International Spy Museum. What a great museum it was! I learned so much about spies that I never knew before. Next, I went to the Museum of the American Indian. I love the culture of these people, and I wanted to try the food. They had some authentic foods to choose from from different native cultures. I tried soft tacos with a slow-cooked meat inside them, roasted celery root, and guava tapioca pudding. I had never tasted celery root before, and it reminded me of a celery-flavored potato. I want to try roasting it with potatoes and sweet potatoes for a nice mix of flavors.

My mom got fry bread with chili. I tried fry bread when I was in Cherokee, NC, and it's really good! Both our meals were tasty and satisfying.

There is so much time on a 3 hour drive to appreciate being entertained by music. One that I really liked on the way there was Karina's "Can't Find The Words." This song is one I got free from iTunes. I never remember to actually listen to these songs! Listen to the lyrics, it's a very sweet song.

Another great song with great lyrics, and a great music video, is Andy Grammar- "Keep Your Head Up" Enjoy!


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