Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Top 5, check!

Hey all!

I dominated my To Do List yesterday, so proud!!! I have the longest running list ever and just glancing at it completely overwhelms me; however, over the last few weeks I've been trying to take 5 of those items and making sure that I complete them. This worked extremely well for me yesterday, and the list, plus 3 other tasks were complete by 4:05 pm! When I felt myself putting off a task I thought about how great it would feel when I crossed the item off, and this proved to be a large enough incentive for me.

Unfortunately I didn't make it to my Ultimate Conditioning class last night. My knee has been acting up and I thought it was due to my lack of strength training. While this is probably true I think I need to do strength on my own before going to an intense class where we will be doing high impact activities. I had planned to use the gym in my building but decided to take another day of rest.

For dinner last night- I was craving pizza, well really dough and cheese. In the end I decided to thinly slice some potatoes, toss with olive oil and rosemary, and roasted in the oven at 450* until brown and crisp.

Then I added some mozzarella and put back under the broiler until the cheese was melted. For some protein I had an egg, and for greens I had brussels sprouts that went un-photographed.

This morning I hit the gym for 30 minutes on the ET (had planned on 45 but my knee began to hurt) and then worked my shoulders and abs and stretched for another 30 minutes.

Before the gym I had 2 slices of sunflower seed millet toast (fresh bread from the farmer's market). One with goat cheese and blackberry jam, the other with peanut butter and jam, yum!

On the way home I stopped by starbucks and picked up a soy latte. Then it was into the shower and off to lab.

Another busy day ahead-lab, engagement party, and then hopefully meeting up with a friend for a drink downtown.

In other news, loving this cover by the Morning Benders

Have a great day!


  1. Yum, potatoes broiled with cheese sounds amazing! I love farmer's market breads, they're always the best.

  2. I love dominating to-do lists -- well done!!!