Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vegetarian Paella

More new music to share, again it's been such a great year. Can't wait to see who comes around for summer concerts, it should be good!

Friendly Fires will be releasing their new album May 16, check out their new single streaming on their site.

Now an amazing must try dish to share with you! Paella with Soy Chorizo and Edamame fromCooking Light. The dish is incredibly easy to make and comes together in under an hour with less than 30 minutes of prep work. I followed their recipe completely, except I only used half the amount of edamame and used peas for the remainder.

And would you believe apart from the saffron, I actually had all the ingredients in my refrigerator or pantry!! Who am I?

With the added chorizo (found mine at trader joes), edamame, and peas.

Completed dish, topped with parsley and green onions.

Try this one!



  1. That looks really good! What did you think of the soy chorizo? I love chorizo, but I know it's not very healthy.

  2. Love it! I've served it to meat eaters on more than one occasion and they still think it's pretty good!!

  3. Looks awesome! Have to try it!